Our story

Our Domaine, or estate, as it currently stands, was founded in the 60s by Lucien Muzard. With a cheeky look in his eyes and profound kindness, he passed on hard working values and loyalty to his sons. His eldest, Claude, joined him in 1987, with Hervé following suit three years later. Even if they learned the rudiments of the trade with their father, these were “further developed” at the at the Lycée Viticole de Beaune (Beaune School of Viticulture). Both sons carried out their practical training around the corner, at the Clos Bellefond, for one, and at the Domaine Prieur for the other. Once again, proof of unending loyalty to Santenay and its land. Driven by the duo, the Domaine progressively stopped bulk sales of wine, now selling all 18 hectares of wine in bottles (80% red and 20% white). The brothers brought new foudres into the cellar and integrated significant proportions of whole grapes into their reds. Up to 100% in the special cuvée celebrating their father. Capucine, Claude’s daughter, joined them in 2019. Even if new cuvées appear on the wine list thanks to increased trading activity and the purchase of new vines, Santenay remains the centre of their universe.

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