Claude Hervé Capucne Muzard
Lucien Muzard vendanges Santenay Bourgogne
Domaine Lucien Muzard et fils

Winegrowers in Santenay since 1645

There is evidence of a winegrower named Muzard dating back to 1645, on a deed for the purchase of grapes involving a Beaune winery.

Right through his career, Lucien Muzard – Claude and Hervé’s father – bought land and planted vines with his wife Paule, thus offering his sons the possibility of carrying on working on the inherited legacy of old vines. Lucien used the whole bunch vinification process and matured his wines in wooden vats, then sold most of his production to local traders.

Our personalities

Claude Muzard

Claude Muzard

"I first started climbing on the tractors my father didn’t much care for when I was 12 years old. He preferred to work with his beloved horse. He did, however, pass on the love of his trade, from the vine to the cellar. After having spent three years at the Lycée Viticole de Beaune (Beaune School of Viticulture), I learned how to decipher the notes and scores of our profession. Indeed, the music of wine has to be finetuned daily and is perfected over time, with experience and practice. Currently, on the Domaine, I am in charge of the making and ageing of our wines until they are bottled. I also take part in work on the vines in order to ensure that, every year, we get the best grapes which are essential to the making of a great Burgundy wine. I appreciate the relationship we have with our clients as well as getting their feedback. For me, wine and good food will always be the best form of communication!”
Hervé Muzard

Hervé Muzard

“As far back as I can remember, I grew up within the folds of my mother Paule’s skirts and following closely in my father’s proverbial clogs! I simply loved listening to my grand-father Edouard’s stories. I was drawn to the vines and the trees among them, where I could hide. I could see that I would unavoidably end-up practicing this ancestral trade. After my studies at the Lycée Viticole de Beaune (Beaune School of Viticulture), I fine-tuned my thought-process in order to embellish and add to this heritage. In charge of the management of the Domaine and working on its vines, I continuously seek to improve my work. It’s not in vain that I have endeavoured to replant trees and hedges in my village’s vines. I even managed to convince my colleagues to do the same thing.”
Capucine Muzard

Capucine Muzard

“My childhood was that of a kid growing up in a wine-growing village, where seasons in the vines guided the rhythm of everyday life. Being somewhat like my father and my uncle, I’m forever following in their footsteps, helping with labelling in the cellar, but I’ve also spent a lot of time annoying the Domaine staff, hanging around with my big smile during the wine harvest season. After completing Oenology studies in Beaune, I specialised in the Organisational Management in order to be able to add my own stone to the construction of my family’s history, when the time would come. And that moment arrived in 2019! I am still learning on a daily basis from my father and my uncle who have passed on their farmer’s wisdom and love of work well done to me. I am now in charge of external communications at the Domaine. I can safely say I enjoy special moments shared around a good bottle of wine."
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